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You have reached the Hungarian website of Magyar Nóta

Magyar Nóta is a Dutch foundation with the purpose to support activities in order to promote the traditional folk and gipsy music that has been played for centuries in the restaurants, hotels and coffee house in Hungary and Romania.

For decades amateur musicians have been playing this folk music in The Netherlands. Most of them started to do so in their college days in university and never stopped thereafter.

Unfortunately this type of music seems to disappear from The Netherlands. Also in Hungary, the home of this rich musical culture, the attention for this type of music is decreasing. Many (gypsy) musicians, often for generations making their living with this music, are getting into trouble.

With the Magyar Nóta foundation we aim to preserve the music for the generations to come by supporting concerts, lessons and other activities to spread this music.

As for the actual live concerts with audience is not possible because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have found a way to support live stream concerts straight from Budapest. The next coming concert is a special concert for Easter:


Péter Berki is a former Ráyko student who has played many years in the scenic town of Eger. He has returned to Budapest now for some years and is known as one of the most traditional gypsy musicians. He is also the very stable second violinist of the worldly known primás Zoltán Mágá. Upcoming sunday he plays with the premier league gypsy musicians. 

Péter Berki Demjén - prímás
Károly Vadász - cymbalum
Lajos Losó - bass
Norbert Oláh - alto violin
Gábor Csonka - clarinet

Péter Berki

This concert is made possible by the Magyar Nóta Foundation and Karanténbol Szol a Nóta: link to concert 04-04-2021, as well as the facebook page of Karantenbol Szol a Nóta: link to concert 04-04-2021. Both organisations work together to make this special concert possible. Please make sure to connect your computer/device to a good audio system to hear the best sound quality. Make your home and the concert cosy in a typical Hungarian manner, by cooking your favourite goulash dish, or search for a glass of good Hungarian wine or pálinká in your local liquidstore.

We invite you to make a donation to our foundation to make future concerts, and the spread of this special and warm music possible. A donation can be made with Paypal by clicking the donation button or scan the QR-code. Your contribution is highly appreciated!

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Upcoming concerts (time will be programmed in the afternoon/beginning of the evening):

* Sunday 18 april 2021 - József Csócsi Lendvai. This is a special concert with the leader of the 100 Gypsy Violins of Budapest and a big formation of 8 musicians from this orchestra.

* Sunday 9 may 2021  – Roby Lakatos and his orchestra

* Sunday 23 may 2021 - Gyula Horváth and his orchestra